Gualandi Mission for the Deaf

The Congregation Piccola Missione per i Sordomuti (Little Mission for the Deaf) was founded in Bologna, Italy by Fr. Giuseppe Gualandi in 1872 and is presently working in Italy, Brazil, and the Philippines for the education and evangelization of the Deaf. The Religious Community of the Mission in the Philippines is popularly known as the Gualandi Mission for the Deaf.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


1. The Mission was officially founded by Fr. Giuseppe Gualandi in Bologna, Italy. It was canonically established as the Pious Congregation of the Patriarch St. Joseph and of St. Francis de Sales on August 15, 1872.

2. The Mission was born from the encounter between Fr. Giuseppe Gualandi and a young deaf girl, Carolina Galuppini, on July 8, 1849 during Mass for first communicants.

3. Fr. Giuseppe Gualandi’s first encounter with the Deaf made him realize that in the society and in the Church the Deaf were isolated and lived in ignorance in matters of faith and morals because of their disability. Accordingly, he decided to dedicate himself for their education and evangelization.

4. The Mission was started with the support of the entire Gualandi family. Fr. Cesare Gualandi, the younger brother of Fr. Giuseppe, became the first Superior of the Congregation.

5. Since 1884, the Mission has been officially known as the Little Mission for the Deaf or in Italian, Piccola Missione per i Sordomuti.

6. The motto of the Mission is “God Alone” as it works for the Deaf for the greater glory of God alone in their lives. The motto is found on the official logo of the Mission portraying the Sacred Heart of Jesus who is invoked for the extension of God’s kingdom to the Deaf.

7. The Mission was officially recognized as a clerical institute of pontifical right officially on July 1, 1913. It is composed of Religious Priests and Brothers inspired by the universal mission of the Church given by Jesus Christ to preach the Gospel to all, including the Deaf.

8. The Mission arrived in the Philippines on October 28, 1988. It is presently located at 5 Emerald St., St. Michael Village, Barangay Kasambagan, Cebu City.

9. The Mission was registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC Reg. No. 161454)) on March 20, 1989 under the name Local Superior of the Mission for the Deaf, Inc. It was amended as Gualandi Mission for the Deaf, Inc. on February 19, 2007 in honor of its founder’s 100th death anniversary.


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